In Times of Distress

Sumi as Mami Tomoe

And yet again, I’ve neglected this blog for over a year…

Since my last post, a lot has already happened. Both good, and bad. I actually can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person this past year. I’ve always stood by my principles and beliefs, but the things that have happened cemented my core even more. Of course, it has also shown me my bad side, more clearly than ever. Which is actually quite terrifying… But, knowing is still better than being ignorant. At least, I can do something about it now? More

Need a Little Sunshine?

The Sunshine Blogger Award Sumi

So about a week or so ago, I saw my friend Stacy posting about this certain award. While I normally shy away from these types of posts, I figured it would be nice to join the bandwagon so I’d have something to write on this blog. The problem? No one really tagged me. And no, it wasn’t Stacy’s fault. I think she would’ve tagged me if she were to tag people. She was just really busy, so the chain ended there. Still, I was planning to post about it. Masyado bang feeler? But, an angel suddenly came out of nowhere to save me from my supposedly shameless act. Yesterday, I was officially given the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you, lovely Luna! More

Eating My Way to Fitness

Healthy Eating Oatmeal Fruits

While this blog is dear to me, I actually haven’t logged in for so long. Can’t believe my last post was August 2013 pa! I took and still am taking this blog for granted. And look at where it got me! I was hacked just last Christmas. *sigh* Good thing my web host has a backup, or else I’ll lose even the measly 6 posts on this blog! Konti na nga lang mawawala pa! Anyway, I thought I’d publish this on my main blog since this post is more food-related. However, I don’t think the theme is very fitting. Haha! Baka ‘pag pinost ko ‘to sa The Purple Doll, mawalan ako ng readers bigla! And for a while now, I miss rambling and just writing down my thoughts as they freely flow. More