In Times of Distress

Sumi as Mami Tomoe

And yet again, I’ve neglected this blog for over a year…

Since my last post, a lot has already happened. Both good, and bad. I actually can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person this past year. I’ve always stood by my principles and beliefs, but the things that have happened cemented my core even more. Of course, it has also shown me my bad side, more clearly than ever. Which is actually quite terrifying… But, knowing is still better than being ignorant. At least, I can do something about it now?

I know this blog post might have already been oozing with melancholia, but I’d have to shamelessly blame my mood. I don’t know if the gloomy weather just got into me, maybe or maybe not. One thing I do know though, my life has been filled with a series of not-so-positive events. I would’ve loved to use “unfortunate” there, but that’s just too strong a word. >.< Even so, I'm trying to stay positive and wear a rainbow over my head. When the battle's been won, I know I'll wear my scars loud and proud. Will just have to tough it out and learn from all these cans of worms.

Melancholic Sumi

I’ve always loved writing, and blogging. But for some reason, whenever I find myself in a rut, I’d suddenly lose my heart for blogging. Since I’m writing here now though, it just means that I’m slowly getting back into the flow of things. But if there’s one thing that I found therapeutic, for the time-being, it would have to be cosplaying.

Cosplay… My happy place.

It’s been years since the last time I donned myself in costume. I used to love this hobby, and have spent loads of time, money and effort to become the characters I’ve always admired. I thought I grew out of it. But I guess I’m wrong… As after all these years, I’ve found it to be my safe haven yet again. My very own happy place.

Sumi as Rise Kujikawa

Going back to cosplaying, I’ve been exposed to the “new” cosplay community. Just like in the blogging scene, it can get toxic if you get too involved. But meh, no one can burst my bubble ’cause like how I do with blogging, I just follow my own groove. Ito na nga lang pantanggal ko ng stress, magpapaka-stressed pa ba ‘ko mismo dito?

I don’t know for how long I’d be staying in the cosplay community though. But for now, I’ll make sure to enjoy every bit of it. I may not have many cosplaying friends, nor do I have close friends who enjoy the same things as I do… But I don’t know, there’s this sense of satisfaction whenever I see myself as my favorite character. And more so when I see a nicely-composed photograph of me in cosplay. It just makes me feel happy. O sige, ako na ang vain!

I guess you can expect more posts about cosplay on this blog from here on out. Or maybe not… We’ll see. :)

4 thoughts on “In Times of Distress

  1. More cosplay posts, Sumi!

    I hope everything goes well in your life. I guess, there would always be times when you’d get tired of something you used to love and considering how these things are the ones which would supposedly help you cope up with life, there may be some instances when they’re the very reason for your stress. Yikes! That has happened to me before but I guess my move to Pampanga has helped me adjust and go back to blogging for my passion and not as job.

    Looking forward to reading more about your cosplay and how you deal with stress in your life. Enjoy! 😀

    • Thanks Gellee!

      I actually find taking a short break from something I love quite helpful, ’cause I can get inspired to do better at it when I come back. :) I hope everything in my life falls better into place soon too…

      And thank you for the encouragement! I really might post tons of cosplay-related things on this blog, since this is more of a personal/chopsuey blog naman. Haha! 😀

  2. I’m glad bumalik ka sa pagcocosplay sis. I’m looking forward to see more of your photos! Ang gaganda lagi ng mga outcome, parang lahat ng characters na napili mong icosplay ay bagay sayo. Super like ko yung Mami Tomoe. Cute! ^___^

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