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While this blog is dear to me, I actually haven’t logged in for so long. Can’t believe my last post was August 2013 pa! I took and still am taking this blog for granted. And look at where it got me! I was hacked just last Christmas. *sigh* Good thing my web host has a backup, or else I’ll lose even the measly 6 posts on this blog! Konti na nga lang mawawala pa! Anyway, I thought I’d publish this on my main blog since this post is more food-related. However, I don’t think the theme is very fitting. Haha! Baka ‘pag pinost ko ‘to sa The Purple Doll, mawalan ako ng readers bigla! And for a while now, I miss rambling and just writing down my thoughts as they freely flow.

Avocado-mango-oatmeal-almond milk mash with chia seeds

Avocado-mango-oatmeal-almond milk mash with chia seeds, melon slices, and strawberries

Anyhow, I’ve been on and off with this healthy eating thing. But this year, as cheesy as it may sound, I’m giving it my all. I actually can’t believe that it’s been more than 2 months already. I can barely remember when I actually started. But of course, it took me a while to get to my current diet. It was quite hard for me to cut back on meat and sugar, and really focus on the parts I lack in my system — fruits, fish, and most especially vegetables.

I guess the biggest thing that helped me adjust my diet is cooking my own food. I’ve seen a lot of people into fitness who cook their own meals, and it definitely works! You get to control what goes into your own food, so whether you’ll eat something healthy or not is all up to you.

Angus beef tapa, cauliflower rice, sunny side-up egg with dried basil and oregano, and grilled tomatoes and broccoli

Angus beef tapa, cauliflower rice, sunny side-up egg with dried basil and oregano,
and grilled tomatoes and broccoli

Spinach fettuccine in basil-tomato sauce with grilled tomatoes and asparagus

Spinach fettuccine in basil-tomato sauce with grilled tomatoes and asparagus

I have to admit though that it was quite hard at first. I now do my own groceries, and it’s not only tiring but also a little more expensive compared to me just simply freeloading from my parents’ stash. It was also tempting to see my folks and my lil sis eat a piece or 2 of Jollibee Chicken Joy. Yup, the thigh part and with super crispy golden brown skin. Ugh!!! Good thing I already got used to it. Eat potato chips in front of me now, and I won’t even bat an eyelash!

My meals get pretty repetitive, in fairness. But I guess, I already got the hang of it. I actually can’t start the day without having oatmeal. It’s like, my day won’t be right if I skip it. Oatmeal is a MUST-eat for me every single day. And I don’t even get tired of it! Somehow, it miraculously replaced “rice” which I’ve always loved and can’t eat without.

Cayenne-basil eggs, buttered shrimps, steamed broccoli and tomatoes

Cayenne-basil eggs, buttered shrimps, steamed broccoli and tomatoes, cauliflower rice, and homemade green smoothie (broccoli, lettuce, mint, carrots, banana, tomato and pineapple juice)

Cinnamon oats in almond milk with mangoes and chia seeds, banana slices, strawberries, and again my homemade green smoothie

Cinnamon oats in almond milk with mangoes and chia seeds, banana slices, strawberries, and again my homemade green smoothie

Not trying to justify myself, but I’m happy I took this turn. I still love my steaks, burgers and fries, but I think all the mindless eating already took a toll not just on my body, but on my overall well-being. Most of the time, I feel sluggish. Not sure if it’s from the MSG-coated food I used to love eating, or maybe I just always overeat. But this healthy eating thing definitely made me feel good! I don’t like the feeling of being “too full” now. My mind and body can function better. My skin looks better. Even pooping is so much easier now. Haha! TMI na ba?

Pan-fried tilapia on cold soba noodles with tsuyu, tomatoes, asparagus and lemon slices

Pan-fried tilapia (seasoned with garlic, rosemary, basil, cayenne, salt, pepper and olive oil) on cold soba noodles with tsuyu, tomatoes, asparagus and lemon slices

Maple-cinnamon oats in almond milk with chia seeds and dried apricots

Maple-cinnamon oats in almond milk with chia seeds and dried apricots, banana slices,
and avocado mash with stevia

At first, my parents can’t understand this “extensive” measure I took. Pwede naman daw akong mag-no rice diet. Actually, I’ve tried that before. For almost 2 months. It was effective. I was really loosing my belly fat. But come the day I got to taste white rice again… BAM! I started eating rice like there’s no tomorrow. Haha! Nabalewala tuloy yung no rice diet! At kamusta naman sa no rice nga, pero puro pork naman ulam? So for me, this slowly but surely way is better. I still get to eat whatever I want. But it’s me and myself choosing what’s better for my body. Posting my meals on Instagram (@sumirehana013) helps keep me motivated too. I get to connect with fellow healthy food eaters, and I get inspiration on what to cook next. Oh diba? Galing ko magpasok ng plug! But seriously, follow me!

Anyway, I’ll still keep at it. Planning to make this a permanent thing and not just a “phase” like how I used to do it. Oh, and I just realized. This blog entry is somehow pointless. Daming words, wala namang napatunguhan. Haha! Maybe this is just my mind tricking myself to finally post something here. Time to put this blog, which maintenance costs more than my main blog, to good use. Panahon na para alisin ang agiw! Seryoso, mas mahal bayad ko dito!

23 thoughts on “Eating My Way to Fitness

  1. I recently found out i have a cyst and am presently kinda under observation in that department. For this reason, i started eating healthy too… and oddly enough, started blogging.more. i feel like blogging is so much fun it doesnt allow me to stress over things so it should be a healthy habit also :)

    • I hope your cyst isn’t something serious. But it’s nice that you’ve also started eating healthy. :) And yes, blogging is indeed a stress reliever! It took me a while to get back to blogging again since life became hectic. Hope I’ll get to blog more regularly even here. ^^

    • I’m also cooking for my family na rin, but not as regularly as I cook for myself. Haha! ^^ And true that! It’s so rewarding to see them enjoying what I made for them. :)

  2. So proud and inggit of you Sumi! I can’t even cook a meal for myself, and if I do, it’s going to be canned goods and everything unhealthy. Hope you post recipes (yung madali lang ha! mga 5 mins! haha) so that I can start eating healthy na din. As for me, I’m trying the “little rice” diet. I’m surviving on three spoons per meal, pero like you said, bawi sa ulam. I also only have brunch and dinner. I like your approach better and hope I can adopt healthier eating habits :)

    • Naku! You’re so slim na kaya, no need for the “little rice” diet! 😉 Anyway, I’ll try to post recipes soon. Maybe on my food blog. And yes, most of my meals are easy to cook! Yung iba nga no need for cooking — heating, chopping and plating lang talaga. XD You can do it too Hana! As soon as you start, it’ll get easier! 😉

  3. ang saya ng healthy diet! you feel so strong and beautiful at the same time. ewan ko ba bat di ko sya magawa ngayong preggy ako. ang dami ko kasing cravings haha!! 😛

    • True sis! Akala ko nga before I’ll feel weak since sobrang less na ng meat intake ko, but I feel the opposite! 😀 Haha.. Mahirap nga ata ang healthy eating when pregnant. So enjoy mo lang yan Rovie! It’s for your baby naman. ^^

    • Hihi. This is like my secret blog. ^^ Achie Ro, if you have one free day in a week, maybe you can try preparing your meals and put them in a microwaveable container? Or maybe you can check other healthy meal providers like Fitness Gourmet. If i’m not mistaken, they’re cheaper than the packages from The Sexy Chef. I haven’t personally tried them though, but Fitness Gourmet is what I was contemplating on trying out before. :)

  4. Hehe. How much are you paying for this blog? It looks neat. I love it! :) I also opened a couple of blogs to separate my fashion and travel stories, but I find myself still writing in my old blog 😀

    I am happy you are taking the first step to eating healthier food! There are so many temptations outside, especially if you are always covering for events. 😀 Discipline plays a big role. I tried to eat healthier na rin.. started choosing organic items, and eating more fruits :) Good luck to us. Hehe

    • Don’t want to tell the exact figure, but I’m paying for hosting + domain (.me which is more expensive than .net) as compared to The Purple Doll where I’m only paying for the .net domain. XD

      Anyway, that’s so true! That’s one of the reasons why I don’t go to a lot of food events nowadays. It gets me in trouble with my diet. Haha! Yes, good luck to us! 😉

  5. Nakikita ko nga to sa IG mo, Sumi. Ang sipag mo!!! And hurray for trying out Stevia!!! ^^

    Lucky that you have time to cook. I wish I have more time to cook, but now I end up with buying food na lang. But I try my best to choose my food wisely. And still try to go to the gym. So far masarap sa feeling and yung mga luma kong blouses kasya na ulit. hehehe. AJA!!!

    • Very true, Michy! Eating clean has been good to my sanity and well-being. I feel like my mind and body are more in sync, and happy. Anyway, that’s good to hear. Kahit ako din, when I’m out and can’t cook my food, I try to choose the best option for my meals. The least evil ba. Haha!

  6. Homecooked meals are my forte’ – at dapat lang since I stay home most of the time, and I have a child to feed. Haha. Kami naman, we stopped eating pork for about eight months already. The ‘cholesterol spots’ on my face disappeared about two weeks after I gave up on pork. :)

    • Wow! I don’t eat pork as much na rin, but I haven’t noticed anything like that yet. ^^ Right now the thing I’m trying to really cut back from my diet is sugar. Medyo mahirap lang talaga. Sigh.

      Anyway, props to you for always preparing home-cooked meals for your family! 😉

  7. That’s is a good start dear. Ako, I’m saying goodbye to fast food when I get back home. I’ll be buying a stove and a ref para healthy eating na. I realized that I value health more now that I’m well, older. Good luck to us.

    • I think most people do, sis. Even me. When we’re young kasi we don’t think much about health and wellness. It’s good that we’re transitioning now though. :) Yes, good luck to us!

  8. I am sensitive on the things I eat as well but once the food taste very delicious or I get very hungry I eat a lot. HAHA! But good for you. Healthy eating is recommended for healthy living. Just do it the right way and make sure to intake all the vitamins and minerals you need.

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