October Fashion Haul

sumi october fashion haul

Yesterday, I was supposed to attend an event and strut a neon power get-up which is something I wouldn’t normally wear. However, since I wasn’t feeling very well for two days already, I just had to pass. I felt kinda sad though, ’cause I wanted to publish my first outfit post here. But oh well, I think I’ll just have to find contentment with a fashion haul entry for now. Take note though that I don’t consider myself highly fashionable. I don’t wear something I’m not too comfortable in which led me sporting mostly an ensemble of loose tops and tight leggings.

These past few weeks though, I found myself becoming more adventurous fashion-wise. I bought pieces which styles I haven’t tried strutting yet, ever. So in place of an outfit post, let me just share with you some fashion pieces I’ve bought from my trips to the mall this October. More