Eating My Way to Fitness

Healthy Eating Oatmeal Fruits

While this blog is dear to me, I actually haven’t logged in for so long. Can’t believe my last post was August 2013 pa! I took and still am taking this blog for granted. And look at where it got me! I was hacked just last Christmas. *sigh* Good thing my web host has a backup, or else I’ll lose even the measly 6 posts on this blog! Konti na nga lang mawawala pa! Anyway, I thought I’d publish this on my main blog since this post is more food-related. However, I don’t think the theme is very fitting. Haha! Baka ‘pag pinost ko ‘to sa The Purple Doll, mawalan ako ng readers bigla! And for a while now, I miss rambling and just writing down my thoughts as they freely flow. More

Thinspiration for the New Year

Thinspiration Sumi

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted a blog entry here. And while it may seem that I’ve already neglected this new personal blog of mine, it’s not really the case. I have to admit that I’m still attached to my food blog to the point that I keep on blogging and blogging despite my tight schedule. But I guess that’s just the wonders and charm of one’s first weblog, you treat it like it’s your baby. However, since I’ve started this one, might as well put it to good use. And to mark my first entry for 2013, let me share with you one my new-found interests. Fitness. More