Need a Little Sunshine?

The Sunshine Blogger Award Sumi

So about a week or so ago, I saw my friend Stacy posting about this certain award. While I normally shy away from these types of posts, I figured it would be nice to join the bandwagon so I’d have something to write on this blog. The problem? No one really tagged me. And no, it wasn’t Stacy’s fault. I think she would’ve tagged me if she were to tag people. She was just really busy, so the chain ended there. Still, I was planning to post about it. Masyado bang feeler? But, an angel suddenly came out of nowhere to save me from my supposedly shameless act. Yesterday, I was officially given the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you, lovely Luna! More

What?! Another blog?


It was around this time of last year when I made my previous blog, The Purple Doll. Although I love my online doll which inevitably became a food blog, I somehow miss being silly and posting whatever I want. While most bloggers start out with a general weblog before going into a specific niche, I somehow went the opposite direction. Well, my first blog started out as a personal blog too, yes.

It would sound stupid though if I brand it as personal-turned-food-turned-personal-blog-again. More