Eating My Way to Fitness

Healthy Eating Oatmeal Fruits

While this blog is dear to me, I actually haven’t logged in for so long. Can’t believe my last post was August 2013 pa! I took and still am taking this blog for granted. And look at where it got me! I was hacked just last Christmas. *sigh* Good thing my web host has a backup, or else I’ll lose even the measly 6 posts on this blog! Konti na nga lang mawawala pa! Anyway, I thought I’d publish this on my main blog since this post is more food-related. However, I don’t think the theme is very fitting. Haha! Baka ‘pag pinost ko ‘to sa The Purple Doll, mawalan ako ng readers bigla! And for a while now, I miss rambling and just writing down my thoughts as they freely flow. More